How do I spend my grant?

Your student card will be auto activated with your grant value by the City College. They will advise you (usually by post or email) when the credit has been applied. Then you just visit us and start spending!

Do I have to spend it straight away?

No, you have until end of June to spend any balance . Any credit (applied from Sept 18) after June 30th 2020 will be wiped, so make sure you spend it before it just disappears!

Can i combine my balance with my partners balance?

Sure , we can apply the balance from 2 cards to one purchase.

Can I get cash back ?

Sadly, no. The voucher value is transfered to your student card and you can spend all of it or some of it , its up to you.

When does my credit expire?

For grants issued after August 2019 the expiry is end of June 2020. Any balance after this will be removed automatically from your card so make sure you spend it before then!

What are other students spending their grant on?

Most popular items are :- Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Ink Cartridges, Microsoft Office, USB Hard Drives, Speakers and Repairs but hey its up to you what you spend it on!

How do I get the Grant ?

Its something you have to apply for , speak to Student Funding in Plymouth City College RM K027 or Tel: 01752 305110 who can help with your application. Visit the Funding page for application criteria . After application and if successful City College will send you a letter advising of any monies transferred to your card.

Have you received your grant ?

Spend it with us on just about anything you like! The grant is to help you with your IT costs for your course, you can spend all of it , some of it or even put it towards something more expensive and pay the difference yourself.

Laptops, PC’s Tablets & Microsoft Office are just a few of the more popular options but you are not limited to these , you can buy whatever you like!

How does it work?

If you are eligible (you have applied and been successful)  your credit will automatically be applied to your student card so simply visit us in store , and start spending . We just scan your card whenever you wish to make a purchase . Really simple, really easy.  You can spend all of it right away or make multiple purchases until it runs out or expires. Or you can spend more and pay the difference.

With your first purchase we will also give you a free 8gb USB storage key just in case you need to take your saved documents elsewhere.



Thanks City College , helped me buy my first Laptop!

Mark H

My new Epson printer is fantastic, thank you.

Shelley R

This Windows 10 tablet will be really useful...

Helen S

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Spend your Voucher – Woohoo!

There really are no limitations ! You can put your credit towards anything we sell and even once you’ve spent it we will still give you 10% discount on computer or laptop repairs for the rest of your time at City College.

Check out our online store or if you cant find what you need , let us know and we will try and help .

Have a question about your voucher?

Send us an email

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