Home Internet and Networking

At Computerbase we can help get your current or new home network up and running, with better security and performance so you can stream your TV and Films without having to wait long periods of time.

We can also help repair your current home network if you’re having issues connecting, dropping out or the signal just isn’t strong enough.

What we can do with your network:

  • Enable wireless printing and share it between multiple devices
  • Fix Wireless Printing Issues
  • Connect Wireless home theatre devices (skybox, blu ray players, game consoles,TV’s, Chromecast)
  • Enable photo, video and music sharing over the networking
  • We always make sure your network is secure with the latest encryption

Can you improve my wireless signal?

We can improve wireless connections in most situations however additional equipment maybe required.  We stock a range of extenders and Wireless Access Points. Which method is best to use can be ascertained with a site survey by one of our technicians. If your Internet Supply is out of contract it may be worth renewing or switching provider as they will usually send you a new upgraded router which should give a better signal range

Do you supply Wifi equipment?

Yes , we carry a range of Routers , Powerline extenders and Wireless Access Points.

Im out of my 12/18 month contract with my ISP

If you need to improve your signal strength it may be worth renewing your contract or choosing a different ISP (Internet Service Provider). They will usually send you a new upgraded router for free with a better signal transmission .