Virus and Spyware Removal

Signs that your PC/Laptop may be infected:

  • PC or Laptop running slow or uneven performance
  • People responding to emails that you didn’t send them
  • Unusual and sometimes threatening pop-up messages
  • Frequent system crashes
  • Unable to launch programs
  • Slow internet

If you are experiencing any of these signs on your Laptop/PC you should bring it into our workshop as soon as possible. Failing to remove infections can lead to file corruption, data loss and security issues including :

  • Hacking of private information from your laptop and online
  • Online banking fraud
  • Identity theft

But don’t panic! At Computerbase we enjoy helping return infected technology to good health; ensuring all of your private information and data is secure, and your Laptop/PC is running like new.

Will I lose any data?

No. We understand that retaining your data is critical and we will make a backup if your computer needs to be re-installed. 99% of cases we can successfully remove and clean Virus/Malware infections without the need to restore Windows.

My computer is asking me to update, what should I do?

It is very important to run updates on a regular basis and this should not be put off. In many cases the updates will help prevent viruses and malware from infecting your computer and these days Internet Security software alone is not capable of completely protecting you.  If you are not sure about an update i.e Java, Adobe, Windows then call Computerbase on 01752 668635.

What Internet Security should I buy?

We recommend and support AVG Internet Security however trends change and we only offer the best protection.  Please call for the latest advice.  You can download an AVG 30day Trial HERE.

If you need to renew your security we can offer this at a reduced price of £19.99 as part of service repair.

A message has appeared and im afraid to click on it

You are right to be wary! If the message is relevant to something you’ve requested ie Flashplayer or Adobe then its probably safe to accept or close . If its not relevant then use the task manager to close the open window . eg Press CTRL+ALT+DEL , open the Task Manager ,click on the offending window then click END TASK  and it should go away without you actually clicking on it.